How To Maintain Sanity While Sport Betting And Prediction

So I copied one game from Twitter that a random guy posted under Ekitipikins post, as usual I copy and paste in my sportybet account of over 18 running games following the Numbers Game Strategy. It doesn’t hurt as I haven’t passed my daily spending limit.

5 hours 16 games passed and this ticket was ticking green. I began to wonder if this game won what will be my winning? 1 Million with 10naira! Wow! I soon became interested in the ticket every now and then I go check. And that’s one thing I will like to talk about today.

Constantly checking if a game is winning or not and in the process you get attached to the ticket. Eventually the ticket cuts, you start to feel down, emotionally drained and feel like giving up or say to yourself that winning bets is not for you and then when someone wins you want to jump back in again hoping to be lucky too.

Getting emotionally attached to anything as your hope is a big vulnerability that every man should avoid. Don’t get attached to anything, it’s better to be realistic and logical than being a flimzy Idealist. You need a pragmatic approach to bring any idea to reality and in the world of sport betting and predictions you must always have it at the back of your mind that nothing is sure

Two odds no sure even one odd!

The reason why some of us are winning daily is because of our consistency and Numbers Game and getting emotionally attached to any game will make you a big looser In the world of sport betting and predictions.

We don’t get attached to any game, Ever!

That game really got me hard. It was the 30th game that ended the ticket. I was glad I played the game twice when I saw 5 games ticked, this time I put a higher stake of 5k. My back up plan.

This second ticket, I was PLAYING FOR CASHOUT not for full winning. Another strategy you must put to practice.

13 games on the backup ticket ticked and I got a CASHOUT option of 50k, a less than 1000X of what I was expecting. If i had waited for complete cashout that would have been a whopping 50Million naira but no the goal wasn’t to wait but to cashout when it came.

I was tempted to wait for one more game to play but trust me if I follow that mind I don enter trap be that.

So I Cashed Out and Lo and Behold Roma cut the Under 2.5 ticket. If I had waited extra one minute I would have lost both my 5,000 and 50,000. Na that one de pain pass. When you have something and eventually let it slip you feel bad. It feels worse when you are already attached to the Betslip.

And you know, you only regret the decisions you don’t make.

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